High School

At the Arkansas School for the Deaf, you will find a high school that is driven by creativity and rigor. You will meet students who make active choices about their learning and who think proactively about their future. Through multiple leadership opportunities, high school students gain skills they need to become effective leaders and collaborators. Specifically, ASD’s competitive athletics program provides a natural arena for leadership and teamwork.

Engaging Students in Learning

Learning is interactive and dynamic in high school classrooms; students become explorers, researchers, artists, and writers. The academic program is rigorous, yet designed to meet the diverse learning needs of deaf students.

High School Classes & Schedule

Each student’s schedule is tailored to successfully meet his or her individual goals. Small class size allows for rich interactions among our teachers and students, and our block schedule gives more structured time for learning to occur. All High School students follow a personalized four-year plan consisting of required academic and elective courses in order to meet state and graduation requirements.

Laptops for Students

Innovative and immersive technology is embedded throughout the high school experience and serves as an important tool to enhance learning. Students are each assigned their own Macbook laptop computer to build the skills needed to succeed in a 21st Century world.

Deaf Career Center

Through the Deaf Career Center, high school students begin thinking deeply about their future career and make choices to lead them toward their goals. Robust opportunities for job training and job experiences are embedded into the fabric of an ASD high school experience.