Statewide Services

Arkansas School the Deaf Statewide Services

Providing support, training, and advocacy to the families of deaf and hard of hearing infants, toddlers, and school-age students.


Statewide Services supports families, providers and professional staff, and schools by providing unbiased services to improve the outcomes and opportunities for strong language development.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller


Through collaborative partnerships with various agencies such as Arkansas Hands and Voices, Arkansas First Connections program, Arkansas Department of Health Infant Hearing program, we strive for early identification and appropriate intervention is available throughout Arkansas.


Services available:

  • Regional audiology services including pediatric screenings, diagnostic evaluations & management support
  • Program development and intervention plan development based upon needs assessment
  • Early intervention services provided in the natural environment – including service coordination, diagnostic evaluations, family education, audiological consultation, developmental intervention.
  • Mentoring/coaching for families, providers, and teachers
  • IEP development and consultation
  • Classroom consults

Professional development in the following areas:

  • Current hearing technology
  • Securing and using an interpreter
  • Best practices for classroom teachers
  • List of services for parents for different areas of the state
  • Services for Deaf families



Dr. Gretchen Cobb - Director of Statewide Outreach

Kate Berry - Early Childhood Service Coordinator

Linda Hoover –   Outreach Early Intervention Specialist

Angela Jones - Outreach Early Intervention Specialist



For additional information regarding Statewide Service at ASD, please contact:


Dr. Gretchen Cobb

Director of Statewide