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Arkansas Deaf Career Center Overview


*Picture of ADCC Clients with staff*



Arkansas Deaf Career Center (ADCC) has two flourishing programs:

1. K-12 Transition & Career Exploration Program

This program supports deaf students K-12th grade in embedding targeted career and transition learning goals into their educational curriculum and residential life. These learning goals include exposing deaf children to successful deaf professionals in the workplace, learning about career clusters and job possibilities, independent living skills, recreation, and healthy habits.

Transition services are critical for our students. These services establish goals for students after graduation from high school in three areas:  post-secondary training, career and employment, and independent living. It is never too early for our students to begin planning for their successful futures! 

  • Our K-5th grade students are EXPOSED to transition services.
  • Our 6th - 8th grade students EXPLORE transition services.
  • Our 9th-12th grade students are ENGAGED in transition services.


2. Arkansas Deaf Career Center

The Arkansas Deaf Career Center was established to support deaf and hard of hearing (Deaf/HoH) adults with job placement and coaching. ADCC professionals create customized programs for Deaf/HoH adults to move beyond finding a job to building a life-long career. Some ADCC clients are also enrolled in college or professional certification courses while working.  We provide academic support to those dual enrolled clients.

Our highly proficient staff use the latest technology and evidence-based curriculum to explore personal and professional goals and ensure clients are prepared for college and the workforce, as well as to live independently. In doing so, we aim to fulfill our mission to greatly increase the long-term employment rate of Deaf/HoH Arkansans.

The Arkansas Deaf Career Center includes the following programs:

  • Job Placement & Career Coaching
  • Supportive Employment Services
  • Career Readiness Workshop Series and Community Outings
  • College Prep / Dual Enrollment
  • Academic Remediation & Driver’s Ed
  • ADCC ELEVATE (residential program) (limited to individuals under 25 years old and requires admission)

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