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Educational programs at Arkansas School for the Deaf range from early intervention programming to elementary, middle and high schools, and continuing education program. Visit a school page to see what makes ASD different from other schools.

Instruction & Curriculum

Arkansas School for the Deaf is committed to providing a curriculum that advances knowledge and professional practices in teaching and learning to a diverse student population. ASD's goal is to maximize rich learning opportunities for every student, every day, every minute and in every way possible.

Arkansas law recognizes that “students in Arkansas deserve the best education that citizens can provide”. ASD has high expectations for student performance while working to foster individualized student linguistic, social, emotional, and physical development. ASD adheres to state standards that are stated in Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks.

Student demonstration of the standards and learning expectations within the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks is the anchor for ASD educational programming.  All IEP goals and objectives, school instruction programs, state-level assessments, district-level assessments, professional development, school improvement planning, teacher/administrator licensure, and accountability are centered around these standards.

Click here to view the Arkansas Department of Education's Curriculum and Instruction Homepage.

Career & Technical Education

ASD's cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career and technical education (CTE) courses prepare deaf students for a wide range of high-demand careers. 

On our campus, we offer the following programs:
    • Culinary Arts
    • Horticulture
    • Photography
    • Family & Consumer Science
    • Business

    • and MORE!

ASD also partners with local career technology schools to expand the opportunities for our students. ASD students have recently attended the Metro Career Technical Center for certification in welding, computer engineering, cosmetology, and automotive services.

School Improvement Plan

The Arkansas School for the Deaf - School Improvement Plan is an important part of annual planning. Each year, school-level plans are developed to provide a better and strong foundation for a productive academic year for students and teachers. These plans are reviewed by a Education Leadership Team. Final school improvement plan is filed with the Arkansas Department of Education and it is also mandated by federal educational requirements.

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Principals Contact Information

Rayburn BolandKaAnn Varner

Rayburn Boland

Secondary School

501-246-8298 (VP)

KaAnn Varner

Elementary School Principal

501-246-8486 (VP)