Elementary School

ASD Elementary students


ASD’s Elementary School is a vibrant bilingual community where students love to learn, and high expectations are promoted within a child-centered environment. Through innovative teaching methods, students are engaged as active participants in learning. As children grow, they learn to see themselves as writers, historians, problem-solvers, and scientists. Their vivid imagination and creativity are also explored in the dance studio, in the art room, and in enrichment classes.

In Elementary School, we focus on the following:

  1. Fluency in all aspects of English literacy.Successful students are accomplished communicators who are learning to write eloquently in a range of genres. They share a love of literature and read enthusiastically for information and for personal pleasure.
  2. Skilled Mathematical Competence.Successful math students are encouraged to see math everywhere—not just in a textbook or on a worksheet. As active learners, they explore, experiment, and question.
  3. Proficiency in Communication.Successful students communicate confidently to a classmate or to the entire school. They are confident interacting with hearing and deaf individuals. Students are encouraged to gain proficiency in English (spoken & written) and American Sign Language.
  4. Confident and Creative Artistic Expression. Our young artists work in multi-media and become familiar with art from around the world. They also have the unique opportunity to work with a Deaf Artist in Residence. Dance and movement are featured in music classes, and children have opportunities to perform for the school throughout the year.
  5. Technologically Savvy Age-Appropriate Skills. Students learn through innovative lessons that integrate technology and teach 21st-century skills. Children also develop the media literacy skills they need to stay safe online, and to become innovative, collaborative, and creative problem solvers. Every classroom has interactive educational technologies including Smart boards, iPad, and other technologies. 
  6. Positive Behaviors and Character Traits.Through the ROAR initiative, ASD Students develop and celebrate expressions of being Respectful, Organized, Achieving, and Responsible.


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